Our Values

The vision of the Australian Cat Ladies is to see feline principles and ethics accepted and influencing the way we are governed, do business and relate to each other as a community. The ACL aims to foster a more compassionate and just society by encouraging inclusivity, actively working against oppression of all kinds, and disseminating cat .gifs wherever they may be needed.

Our Values


The ACL recognises the validity and right to exist of all families, whether they be straight, LGBTQ, childless, single parent, single cat, multiple cat or catless. The ACL actively encourages family values such as love, consent, communication, regular nap times, and scratches under the chin/behind the ears.

The ACL believes all love is equal, but the love between a lady and her cat(s) is more equal than others.


The ACL believes in the importance of human and cat life, and as such, is a staunchly pro-choice organisation. No one should have anything less than full bodily autonomy, and no human or cat should have to suffer an unwanted pregnancy. Thus, the ACL advocates for full decriminalisation of abortion across Australia, the covering of RU486 (or “medical abortion drug”) by the Pharmaceutical Benefit Scheme, and desexing of cats of all genders at the age of approximately 3 months.

Poverty & Injustice

The ACL strives for a world where all humans and cats may have a roof over their heads, food in their bellies, and someone to clean their litter tray.

We stand against sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, classism, ableism, religious discrimination, fatphobia, whorephobia, and all forms of injustice. We understand that cat ladies come in all shapes, sizes, genders, sexualities, backgrounds and ethnicities, and encourage ACL membership by anyone who identifies as a cat lady or a cat lady ally.

We believe in creating a sustainable and healthy environment for ourselves, future generations, and cats for many years to come.

On this note, please keep your cats inside at night and make sure there is a bell on their collar, to prevent them from killing native wildlife.

Youth and education

Education is pivotal in the creation and maintenance of healthy families and communities. All cats have the right to be toilet trained, and all humans have the right to a comprehensive, well-resourced public education. The League of Australian Cat Ladies  believes in extensive, evidence based sex education, as it is proven to lower teen and unplanned pregnancies, decrease rates of STI infection, and increase knowledge of consent. We believe all cat owners should be properly educated on cat care, including desexing, vaccinations and the correct procedure for tummy rubs.

73 thoughts on “Our Values

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  2. Mashton says:

    I came here to absorb some good, old fashioned Christian values but instead all I’ve seen on this site is love and harmony and inclusivity. I’m not impressed, where can I find some vitriolic bile, discrimination and self-aggrandisement?

      • Janc Coates says:

        wonder when their domain name comes up for renewal? Wouldn’t it be great to get that one!

    • An Agnostic says:

      Dude, you know you’re abusing christians on the basis of their faith and stereotyping them don’t you?

      It’s a great page and very funny stuff, but if you don’t think abusing people on the basis of race, gender, sexuality or religion is okay, then please don’t do it too. No matter how funny you think you are.

      • Race – nothing you can do to change that. Gender – nothing you can do to change that. Sexuality – nothing you can do to change that. Religion – well, that’s just a belief (and an irrational one) and there’s plenty you can do about that! If I went around saying that a 50 meter tall green giraffe created everything I see and demands that I tell it how awesome it is every day in my prayers then I’d expect to be quite roundly abused because I would clearly be an idiot!

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    • Julia says:

      Before my precious Moo Moo passed away, he and my other baby Freddie always licked each other and slept next to each other. There is nothing wrong with that!

      • Meg says:

        Your ‘precious Moo Moo’ 😥 The name alone was enough to make me want kitten cuddles. I’m sure Moo Moo was adorable.

  4. S. Erik Hermo says:

    Found out about this through a friend on Facebook. Have joined and have posted this to my Facebook page, ecouraging others to please sign up!!

  5. Oliver says:

    I don’t know why many marriage equality advocates and ‘Catholics’ that deny fundamental tenets of the faith are so keen to associate themselves with Catholicism and Christianity. Piers Morgan for example loves the tell the world he is a Catholic that doesn’t agree with the Catholic Churches teachings… why? If I didn’t agree, I would go somewhere else for moral instruction. Is it FOMO (fear of missing out)? This looks like a good place to discuss as it exemplifies the issue exactly… taking the name of the Christian Lobby but promoting opposite principles. I get why it’s funny as a sort of larrikin-esque jibe but cant help but sense an underlying insecurity. Thoughts?

    • a dog says:

      Moral people do not need a bible to figure out what is right and what is wrong. And promoting opposite principals? All I see on this page is the promotion of love and peace with all members of a community. What was the Australian Christian Lobby advocating?

      • Jan Coates says:

        Not sure you really want to know, ‘A Dog’, but it wasn’t the view of a very large number of the Christians I know!

      • Oliver says:

        By opposite principles I am referring to the marriage debate on which the Christian Lobby and this site hold opposing views. Of course, I am not implying that Christianity promotes love and peace whereas others do not. I think all people (well most, always exceptions) promote and endorse love and peace, people just differ on their understanding of how these are best brought about. Again, why you jumped to this conclusion baffles me in the same way that the point made in my previous post does. The Christian Lobby, like yourself, promote love and peace. On the particular issue of Marriage you differ in opinion, not because one of you is loving and the other is not. You differ in opinion, because you differ in how you think Government should respond to the call for SSM. I think you are confusing the issue because you cannot comprehend how anyone can be against SSM but also loving and peaceful. That is a commonly held view among people would fail to educate themselves on the motives of the Church (and talking Catholic here, many Christian denominations support SSM) in opposing SSM. They actually have legitimate reasons, with foundations based on love! You might call this trash, but you would be only criticizing Church logic rather than motive… and the distinction is vital!!!! If you question their logic, you can call them misguided. If you question their motives, you might call them evil. Unfortunately, many people these days on your side of the debate take the latter view, which leads to lots of vitriol.

      • Meg says:

        Oliver – there is nothing loving about telling two consenting adults, who love each other very much, that their feelings are a sin and revolting. To tell this couple to deny their feelings and live a lie lest they burn forever in hell fire is NOT loving. Homosexuality is not a choice – to tell people that the way they were born is wrong and disgusting is reprehensible, as is denying them equal rights. You are on the wrong side of history and severely deluded if you think the Christian attitude towards homosexuality is in any way based on love.

      • Oliver says:

        Thanks Meg. I understand your frustration, but I think you are making generalisations about the Church, if you want to know what the Church teaches, go to the Vatican website, or at least look outside the vitriolic media. My reason for frustration in the first point was so called Catholics who detract from the Catholic message by claiming that they disagree with certain truths taught by the Catholic Church. Likewise, I am frustrated with anyone that questions the value of a homosexual person under the guise of representing the Church. Catholic teaching is to love everybody, regardless of race, age, sexual orientation, etc. Some people, idiots really, within the Church might say things that don’t quite correlate with that teaching. The same in any organisation, let alone one as large as the Catholic Church. There are always deviants.
        The Church teaches love and respect for all, but it also has an interest in alerting others to the Truth. If you accept that Catholics belief what they believe (which you cant deny, unless every Catholic is in on some conspiracy) then you must respect that they want to alert others to help them share in the truth (as they see it). The Catholic Church’s teachings on every major moral question have never changed. Never. They don’t because the Church endorses objective truths. So that explains why the Church had a black leader in the 4th Century, whereas it took the USA up until 2008 to do the same. It always taught respect for all people, no matter what. And it still does, deviants aside. The Church believes that homosexuality is morally wrong, it doesn’t teach that homosexuals are unequal. The Church teaches that sex should be directed at having children (the expression of love b/w husband and wife is an equal purpose, but sex should still be open to the possibility of kids, if its not physically possible well that’s obviously the exception), as such homosexuality is in the same category as contraception. It frustrates the outcomes of sex and hence is considered anti life. Now you might disagree, but its a perfectly fine thing to teach and believe. And I’m perfectly happy to respect that you disagree with that. But why don’y you show the same respect?
        Now as to the question of SSM, the Church doesn’t oppose SSM marriage because it want to restrict rights or intrude in the sexual lives of homosexuals. It opposes SSM because SSM is an illogical argument and it there is no where near enough evidence to show that children brought up with SS parents is equal or better than children brought up in heterosexual parenting circumstances. This was discussed recently in the Supreme Court of the US. Even the left wing judges exhibited concern about the extreme paucity of data proving that children wont be affected. Even where there is data, its a survey of a bunch of kids saying that they are happy. Obviously the Supreme Court was critical of this.
        SSM is illogical as it is pointless. Why do SS couples want marriage? All that is associated historically with the organisations they now accuse of vilifying them. Equal rights under the law, for sure! But marriage is actually defined as the union between a man and a woman, you cant change the definitions of things. That is what marriage is. Like an Australian is an Australian, you cant claim for America to open the definition of American to include an Australian, just because you want to be American. There are other ways of going about that. I know homosexuals who agree. They want the SSM advocates to push for changes to tax laws, etc that will actually give them equal rights.
        Re being on the wrong side of history, well I think its a bit rude to make that comment. I mean, that’s what they said to Sophie Scholl before she was brutally murdered by the Third Reich for advocating an unpopular point of view. If by the wrong side of history you mean having a law enacted which I disagree with, well ok fine, that actually happens every day. But don’t think one day everyone who opposes SSM will wake up and say ‘well that was wrong’. The Catholic Church hasnt changed its view for 2000 years, I dont think that is about to happen.
        If you are interested in a logical argument read “What Is Marriage?” by George, Girgis and Anderson… find it on Amazon. It was first published in the Harvard Journal of Law and Policy as an article. Then turned in a book. It was the basis of a amicus curie in the recent Supreme Court debate. Very well written and represents the actual argument against SSM which you wont find in the mainstream media. Remember, those that are caught on the wrong side of history are generally those that dont understand the other sides arguement. Read it, if for no reason other than for the purpose of knowing thy enemy!! Not that that is an appropriate term… less militant argument would be welcome.

  6. Jim M cNabb says:

    No mater who you are marriage equality is every one’s right. No small-lost group have the right to tell any one what they can do or who they can marriage, if both people agree then no one has the right to make judgment on them

    Keep what you think to your self and out of other people life’s; Try to live your own life under your own old-fashioned Christian values, and stop talking about what you don’t know any thing about.
    Live and let live

    • Oliver says:

      “Stop talking about what you don’t know any thing about” – what would be your response to an anti same sex marriage advocate saying the same thing to you? I hope you would assume them to be arrogant and bigoted and then apply the same standard to yourself.

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  8. Brittany Z says:

    Love your response to the lapse in their domain ❤

    It's good to see more love and kitties in the world and less hate.

  9. Bobcat says:

    My grand-cats, Chigger and Fido, salute you. They have a home, plenty to eat, plenty of affection, and veterinary care. They think all cats should have the same. They don’t object if humans do, either, as long as it doesn’t deprive cats of their birthright.

  10. …..but my wife and I have two dog furkids, and once I also had 2 pet blue tongues, a frog, a turtle, and a baby magpie… perhaps you could be the Australian Critter Ladies???

  11. Jen says:

    Your values page should also have a work section and that “love, consent, communication, regular nap times, and scratches under the chin/behind the ears.” be a mandatory work ethic. Especially in parliament these days….perhaps desexing and vaccinations are more appropriate for our politicians .

  12. Sonja says:

    Jen – I love the idea! Imagine if Question time started with everyone giving their neighbour a quick ear scratch – I think the country would be better off in no time!

  13. E. Quality says:

    I’ll openly say that I’m a dog person, but i firmly believe that if a lady wishes to have a cat as a pet they should be able to do that as long it makes them happy x

  14. Ben says:

    You guys are the greatest – this is up there with the Flying Spaghetti Monster. You’ve made mine (and my cats) year.

  15. Julia says:

    I love your website. Cats and equality for all! please keep this going once the media hype dies down. My cat and I salute you.

  16. Laura Kuhn says:

    I love the site and Will join. I have a question though is Desexing an Australian term, we call it Neutering or Spay Neuter in the USA, I just find it funny because my cats enjoy sex and they are Neutered, they just do it for fun, in a wide variety of gender combinations. All mine are rescues, and they all love your site and so do my dogs (who are all rescues).

  17. W. Paul Carter says:

    There aren’t enough cat gifs on the internet and it’s high time something was done about it! I applaud you!


    • Meg says:

      I hope you are joking. If not – are you saying that advocating for gay rights means we want a marriage ceremony which ‘recognises’ how people choose to have gay sex? Ah yes, that’s always been my favourite part of a hetero marriage ceremony – the bit where the happy couple publicly ‘recognises’ the many ways they are going to boink each other. I’m sorry, but I’m really struggling to see how you came to that conclusion? Also – you talk about bi-sexuals – I do not think it means what you think it means (i.e. it’s not being with one person of each sex at the same time, hope that clears it up). Finally, calling yourself ‘disgusted’ and writing an angry ALLCAPS rant on a site which only advocates love among all people and cats is hardly showing respect, dontchathink? Perhaps that explains why you don’t have my respect.

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  20. Nakamarra says:

    I’m a Christian & grew up in a happy clappy well known brand church, but I’m so fed up with the bullshit that is shoved down people’s throats. In all honesty I don’t give a damn who you sleep with as long as there is consent (legal, emotional & clear) between the people involved.
    I am straight, was horrifically sexually abused in the church I grew up in & have been hounded about my choices about my life & sexuality. I’m a single mum & have had religious wanks call my children spawns of Saran. My 6 closest friends, also abuse victims, were hounded until the day they each completed suicide; I’d never truly known grief or loneliness until the day I lost the last of my friends.
    That shitty, cruel, legalistic junk has NOTHING to do with God, has NOTHING to do with true Christianity.
    I am pro-choice, pro anyone but me getting married, pro people, pro love, safety, tolerance & grace. I couldn’t care who does what in their bedroom or with who (or whom, whatever!) & I expect to be respected in my choices.
    Please, don’t lump every Christian in the same basket as these legalistic wanks!! They’ve taken enough of my life but they’re not going to take away spiritual identity!

    • Hi Nakamarra,

      I’m incredibly sorry to hear about what you’ve been through – that’s horrendous. You must have some incredible strength. We definitely aren’t against Christianity, just extremist groups like the ACL who talk more than they represent. We welcome everyone who stands against hate xx

  21. Boris says:

    Major contradiction: “The ACL believes in the importance of human and cat life”
    Then you go on to say you lobby for abortions to become legal? Obviously you don’t believe in the importance of human (and cat) life.
    On another note: please research the following success rates for “safe” sex methods to protect against STI’s/unplanned pregnancies:
    1) Condom,
    2) Morning-after Pill,
    3) Any other form of contraception,
    4) ABSTINENCE (I’ll help you out with this one, it’s 100%)
    As for you points on family (and could also be included in the Injustice topic), I refer you to this article:

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