Our Values

The vision of the Australian Cat Ladies is to see feline principles and ethics accepted and influencing the way we are governed, do business and relate to each other as a community. The ACL aims to foster a more compassionate and just society by encouraging inclusivity, actively working against oppression of all kinds, and disseminating cat .gifs wherever they may be needed.

Our Values


The ACL recognises the validity and right to exist of all families, whether they be straight, LGBTQ, childless, single parent, single cat, multiple cat or catless. The ACL actively encourages family values such as love, consent, communication, regular nap times, and scratches under the chin/behind the ears.

The ACL believes all love is equal, but the love between a lady and her cat(s) is more equal than others.


The ACL believes in the importance of human and cat life, and as such, is a staunchly pro-choice organisation. No one should have anything less than full bodily autonomy, and no human or cat should have to suffer an unwanted pregnancy. Thus, the ACL advocates for full decriminalisation of abortion across Australia, the covering of RU486 (or “medical abortion drug”) by the Pharmaceutical Benefit Scheme, and desexing of cats of all genders at the age of approximately 3 months.

Poverty & Injustice

The ACL strives for a world where all humans and cats may have a roof over their heads, food in their bellies, and someone to clean their litter tray.

We stand against sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, classism, ableism, religious discrimination, fatphobia, whorephobia, and all forms of injustice. We understand that cat ladies come in all shapes, sizes, genders, sexualities, backgrounds and ethnicities, and encourage ACL membership by anyone who identifies as a cat lady or a cat lady ally.

We believe in creating a sustainable and healthy environment for ourselves, future generations, and cats for many years to come.

On this note, please keep your cats inside at night and make sure there is a bell on their collar, to prevent them from killing native wildlife.

Youth and education

Education is pivotal in the creation and maintenance of healthy families and communities. All cats have the right to be toilet trained, and all humans have the right to a comprehensive, well-resourced public education. The League of Australian Cat Ladies  believes in extensive, evidence based sex education, as it is proven to lower teen and unplanned pregnancies, decrease rates of STI infection, and increase knowledge of consent. We believe all cat owners should be properly educated on cat care, including desexing, vaccinations and the correct procedure for tummy rubs.

73 thoughts on “Our Values

  1. On the contrary Boris, the Australian Cat Ladies is “actively working to end all oppression” and telling women that the government should have control over their uteruses is a form of oppression.

    By the way Boris, quit dogging up the place, it would be much appreciated, I’m sure, by these ladies. Maybe man up to the reality that women are equal to men, more of us need to realize that than not. By the way, don’t you think it’s selfish for adults to prevent other adults from having families just because THEY think it’s wrong? I’m pretty sure I’d make a better father than you if you keep this up.

    You disgrace dogs and cats alike Boris. Shame shame shame. v.v

    • George says:

      I see no basis of reason here in your comments, only a (very poor) attempt at insult. All reasonable people know that those who debate by insult/name-calling/labelling have no basis for an argument, and are fighting a losing battle.
      You say “telling women that the government should have control over their uteruses is a form of oppression.” That has nothing to do with any of the points I made, nor was it what I was saying. Not to mention the government sponsors methods of contraception and abortion – which would mean that you’d be giving control of your uterus to the government… fail.
      Do yourself a favour, if you want to support the cat ladies, do your homework first.

  2. nev il-pinto says:

    sorry boris, we live in the real world here, unfortunately abstinence is not a real world solution. you can sit here telling us we are immoral and going to hell for fornicating but most people don’t respect you enough to follow what you say

    you can’t tell consenting people what they can & can not do if they are having no negative impact on yourself (or anyone else for that), just because you find it morally reprehensible

    i still can not understand how ‘right to lifers’ can see child being born to unfit & unloving parents as preferable to birth at all

    anyway, enjoy the new site!

    • Cleveland says:

      Firstly, I never said you were going to hell, that is something you assumed. Wrong. I wasn’t telling you what to do, I was suggesting that if you want a 100% risk free alternative, try controlling your urges. It’s just like controlling smoking or drinking or gambling habits, it might seem really difficult, but it’s possible to achieve. You say it’s not a real-world solution, but it totally is.
      As for you comment regarding children being born to unfit and unloving parents:
      1) That’s why we have adoption clinics, and child-protective services.
      2) Who are you to judge how their life might turn out (you, who so vehemently judge me, even though you don’t know me, but also claim to know what is best for someone else’s child)?
      3) Instead of frowning on an unfit/unloving parent, why not educate them?

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