It has come to our attention that there appears to be a case of mistaken identity between the ACL and another similarly named Australian lobby group.

PLEASE NOTE, IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU DO NOT CONFUSE ‘Cat-Holics’ with ‘Catholics‘. (Although of course you can be both at the same time!)


(All credit to Bec Hill for the fabulous image)



  1. impressed says:

    It is so good to finally see that some people using the C word actually have some values and commonsense. Well done!

  2. Joey says:

    I love the ACL, love the website, Love cats, love everywhere! Strangely seems more kind and loving than other groups similarly named. Well done!

    • It’s very true that cats can be devastating to native wildlife 😦 This is why we STRONGLY suggest all cat-owners keep their cat indoors or in a cat run, make sure they’re desexed, and have a bell on them. Check it out on our ‘Our Values’ page!

    • Kelly says:

      Irresponsible owners are the worst thing that happened to Australian wildlife. My kitties are indoor only, the only wildlife they harm are the cockroaches and odd mouse that get into our house. Most of the mice make it back out alive anyway!

  3. Spotty Balfour says:

    I always thought you guys were right wing zealots with a marginal grip on reality that stuck you noses into other peoples lives. Now I know better. Ill be following you! God loves all cats equally!

  4. simon666 says:

    I don’t think two cats with different coloured fur should be allowed to mate! Call me old-fashioned but …. you know .. .well …

  5. My geekcat tells me that he thought it stood for Access Control List, but he is very pleased that a group of nice cat ladies seems to have made it to the top of that list.

  6. Antony says:

    Well I’ll be… I’m actually at the ACL website and not currently in a fit of rage, trying to comprehend the idiocy of mankind.

    This is a better website than the previous hate spewing and intolerant organisation.

  7. john skarp says:

    Ignore the hypocritical screams of outrage. Christians love to feel persecuted – it validates them,
    see 2 Timothy 3:12 “Yes, and all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution” and many other similar references in the Bible.
    I’m a man in the UK and I’ve just been owed by an adorable black kitteh. Please keep up the good work

  8. Marc(cat-lover-2000) says:

    This whole time i thought it was “Catholics”, not “Cat-Holics”, I will now vote for this fabulous party and rally behind its ideals and values. Cats have never had a say in the politics of this country and I think it’s about time they were given voice and this party does this. 10/10

  9. Spearboy says:

    Perfection… absolute perfection.
    I don’t know what content this website USED to house… all that matters is catnip.

  10. Saulo says:

    I am from Ecuador and I wish I weren’t alergic to cats 😦 ….. but your page is awesome…… simple but great… FABULOSA

  11. Jaime says:

    Does one have to be Australian to join? I am from New York City way over in the U.S.A. And I am a C.C.L. From an Atlantic chapter of Crazy Cat Ladies (& Lads!).
    I am also a member of an online C.C.L. Group with members all over my country.
    I also have a cat!!
    My credentials are impeccable. I am happy to adopt the label CatHolic if it means I don’t have to drop C.C.L.
    Jaime Crazy Cat Lady from New York

  12. Jaime says:

    I am willing to hold my cat upside down at intervals and keep her very warm in winter and cold in summer. Will this improve my chances of becoming a member?

  13. Paul says:

    Sylvia (I’m her third human and didn’t choose her name) heartily endorses your site.

    Yeah, I’m a cat-holic. I love Sylvia despite all her foibles. I think she kinda likes me (sometimes).

    I think she views me as the poo fairy. She poos in her litterbox, I remove it and put food in her tray. Like the tooth fairy but with economics tuned to the cat world. But sometimes she trots quickly to me for a cuddle so maybe she likes me. Or maybe that’s her way of saying her food tray is empty.

    Cats are like people. You can never be sure what they *really* think of you. But you love them anyway.

  14. Arianna says:

    LOVE THIS! As a confirmed cat lover I had to share this with all my friends, furry and otherwise. I’d like to know if ACL is why cats are so attracted to the human lap since it requires an Anterior Cruciate Ligament to form one?

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